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Lip and Chin
About Electrology - Common Treatment Areas

Many women have unwanted hair on their lip, chin or jaw line. Electrolysis is the only way to remove hair permanently.

Heredity often plays a role in hair patterns. Certain genetic backgrounds are predisposed to increased facial hair such as Mediterranean and Scandinavian. This natural type of hair increase becomes more visible around puberty.

Fluctuations in hormones that cause an increase in androgens (the male hormone) can trigger excess hair in a male pattern e.g. lip, chin, breast, abdomen and bikini line. Often these fluctuations occur during puberty, childbirth or menopause. Eventually the hormones may return to normal levels and stabilize but once the hair is triggered to grow it remains until permanently removed.

Other causes for hair increase include stress, excess exercise, polycystic ovaries, adrenal problems or medication side effects. With all of these possible causes it is not a wonder that most females experience unwanted hair sometime in their life. It is a problem that most females share, but don't talk about. However, it should be discussed with your physician. They may recommend that you have your hormone levels tested to determine if any treatment is necessary.


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